The Hero Gotham Deserves

His name is Kevin, and his life is much different than yours or mine. He is in his chair, and he can’t do all of the things you and I do. He might not be able to trick or treat with his friends on Halloween, or ride a skateboard in the park. He might not be able to drive a car someday, or go to the waterpark, or skip rope or ride a bike.

But since this should never be a world of can’t, let’s talk about all of things he can do.

Kevin can laugh. He can cry. He can love, and be loved. He can miss you when you are gone. He can be a force in your life, not because of the things he can or can’t do, but because he is here and he matters.

See, he has a lot more in common with you or me than not. Like us, he  probably won’t be an astronaut or a CEO of some big corporation, or the president of the United States. He probably won’t hit the lottery or find out he’s the heir of some old rich guy who just croaked.

Like us, he lives every day trying to make sense of a world that he sometimes doesn’t understand.

He is you, he is me, he is all of us. We are not defined by the bodies that carry us, but by the souls inside of us, and the humanity we share.

But you know what? Today, Kevin did something you and I may never do. He got to meet the Batman. He got a hug from a superhero, and the guy in that suit, he hugged Kevin for all of us.

And that great, big, beaming grin shined with the life-giving force of a thousand suns, and in that beautiful moment, the promise of what it means to be human is fulfilled.

In this frightening world, Kevin's grin is a wonderful reminder that in spite of the trials and fears that face each and every one of us everyday, life is still worth living. So, be good to each other.

Kevin’s joyful smile demands it.