It’s great to be alive.  Seriously, it is.  Everybody says that, I know.  Yesterday, though, as I was standing on the back dock at the post office and smelling the fresh air and watching the sun come up on the horizon, I felt it.  Yesterday was gone and tomorrow didn't matter and all that I had at that moment was now.  That’s all we ever really need, isn't it?

We spend our whole lives waiting for something or crying about something that already happened.  Payday is coming or vacation in another week or our favorite show will be on tomorrow night, or it’s only Monday and where is Friday?  We forget about the now.  We forget that the now is all we really have.  The present isn't just a taxi to take us to our future.  It's a star ship, baby.  It's a warp drive.  We are going nowhere and everywhere all at the same time.  Tomorrow morning you will wake up in another place and time, because what you see now is already the past even before it hits your eyes, so the here and now is really the dead and gone.

The only present you have is the one you are creating right now.  If you wait for it to come to you, it's too late, it's already gone.  Breathe that crisp winter air.  Stretch out and feel your muscles pop.  Behold the sunlight that is already over 8 minutes old.  It's freaky, I know, but listen up:  the only true reality is the monologue flashing through your head, winking on and off like fireflies in Neverland, the blue print of what you are going to say and who you are going to be, right at that very moment.  

So, calm those lightning bugs.  Be alive.  Be present.  Be you.